About Start-Up Consultants

JuniorSenior is the trusted name behind Start-Up Consultants. Started in 1997 as the Netherlands’ first communication agency specializing in youth marketing and innovation, which in ten years evolved into a European office network with offices in 7 countries. In 2008 JuniorSenior changed in The Creative Tribe in 2010 with the focus on three target groups: real-estate, hotels, and business innovation. We manage different brands and services online such as Hotel Marketing Support, French Riviera Real Estate, International Marketing for Sales and Content Business Boost.


Whether you have an idea and looking for financing it, or you are starting up but could use some senior advise, we invite you to contact us. We’re based on the French Riviera, close to Sophia Antipolis. Together with our HQ in The Netherlands, we serve clients in 11 countries.