How to get faster capital (and more) for your idea?


It can be frustrating when you have a brilliant idea. You feel and you know for 200% that it could work; your idea for an application that has not yet been invented. But where do you start in creating it? Turning an idea from a draft in your head to a fully operational prototype takes time and money. You can spend some of your savings, but then what? Finding technical partners can be dangerous; no matter how many NDA’s you have signed together, there is always copycat danger around the corner. And in this world, you need to act fast if you want to move forward. You need Faster Capital.

How to get faster capital (and more)

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based on the co-funder, co-founder concept, where they invest in startups and provide the technical development from A to Z. Sounds good, right? FasterCapital is located in Dubai Internet City. IT startups are supported by two specific programs called Acceleration and Incubation. FasterCapital has currently 20 incubated startups that graduated and are fully functional now with more than 200 startups in the acceleration program, and more than 150 regional partners with 92 offices worldwide.

Each year, FasterCapital organises multiple rounds of funding to select those startups that can be accelerated or incubated by FasterCapital. If you want to know for sure if your idea is feasible and strong enough to become your new job? Ask them to have a look at your concept. FasterCapital has not only the expertise to make a fair judgment, they will also step into your concept as a co-funder and co-founder. Things can change for good if you talk to the right people. With a large and highly skilled technical team, you will have the power to build your IT application and bring it to market.

Start-Up Consultants is FasterCapital’s regional partner in the South of France. We will be happy to guide you through the process of applying and to assist you in your sales and marketing. Are you ready for bringing your idea to the next level? Click on this link to get started with your idea!

Swot, name and go!

Courtesy of Wordstream

Every start-up must be honest with themselves and do a SWOT analysis before doing anything. That can be very stimulating or make you decide not to continue with the plans. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By conducting thorough market research and placing all the facts in these four categories, you get a clear analysis of which direction you should go.

Choose your start-up name wisely

A name must be created that will resonate well with your target audiences. Market research is important to know where your customers are, and more importantly, what your competition does! For your social media updates, your name must still be available. If the basic issues are in order, practical matters such as the development of a logo, cards, website, and templates for company presentations will follow.

Create a start-up marketing budget

Many start-ups tend to spend all their time on creating the perfect first product. But the truth is that you have to start with marketing from the moment you have registered your concept and plan. People love to become part of your journey. Imagine you could have read about Steve Job’s struggle in his garage, creating the first Apple. He would have gained millions of followers and possible buyers from production day one. Connect with people that support your idea, find brand ambassadors and early adaptors. These people will be your best team to have.

Tell your story from Day One

You can find followers and brand ambassadors if you let them be part of the exciting adventure called ‘starting up my company’. Of course, you can ask a trainee to do this for you, but the knowledge of managing accounts have to be re-invented and probably will be lost once the trainee leaves. With Start-Up Consultants, you have a solid back up partner that can advise, create and manage the content of your social media channels. Our team is ready to help you setting up a Facebook Ads or Adwords campaign.